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Guangdong Stages Exhibition for Industry-University-Academia Synergy

The Exhibition on S&T Innovation through Industry-University-Academia Synergy (IUAS) was inaugurated in Guangzhou lately, in parallel with the signing ceremony of IUAS projects. The event was part and parcel of the work done by the Ministry of education, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Guangdong Province to forge links among enterprises, universities and research institutes. It aimed at enhancing the impact of IUAS, promoting cooperation, expediting the IUAS development at the provincial and ministerial levels, and enable universities to collaborate in greater depth with localities and enterprises.


The exhibition presented over 720 major projects, some 3,500 S&T achievements from universities to be partnered with enterprises, and more than 2,400 technological demands from the business community in Guangdong.


The signing ceremony featured representative IUAS initiatives, namely 13 strategic IUAS alliances, 23 comprehensive cooperation projects between universities and cities, 11 partnering projects between universities and specialized counties, and 131 cooperation projects between universities and enterprises.