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Minister WAN Gang Calls for the Development of a Low-carbon Economy

On the Standing Committee meeting of CPPCC (China’s People’s Political Consultative Committee) on July 6, Minister WAN Gang, also a member of CPPCC’s standing committee, urged the development of a low–carbon economy in China by adopting new technologies for energy conservation and emissions reduction so as to mitigate climate change.


 “Today climate change is not only a scientific problem, but also a political and economic one, ” said Minister WAN, “In addressing the climate change, China should take on the international responsibilities commensurate with its economic and social development.


He also highlighted the need of optimizing energy structure and land utilization, conserving energy while increasing energy efficiency and developing clean and low-carbon energy in mitigating climate change. Besides, macro issues, such as energy security, energy-saving policies and the development of a low-carbon economy, should also be taken into account while addressing climate change.


He suggested that relevant policies and measures proposed by State Council’s comprehensive implementing plan on saving energy and reducing emissions be specified for better operability.