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2007 Knowledge Renewal Training Workshop Concluded

The 2007 Knowledge Renewal Training Workshop of MOST for staff under the director level was held in the Ministry’s Shanghai Training Center from June 22 to 29.


Lectures were given on a wide rage of issues, such as the building of a socialist harmonious society, national strategies and interests in face of globalization, hot topics in socio-economic development and related theoretical thinking, how to apply project management to S&T research and administration, how to use financial tools for S&T, inter-provincial disparity in S&T progress and the building of a harmonious society, the blueprint and practice of Shanghai hi-tech parks, integrity and self-discipline, and the development of young staff.


Trainees widely held that the workshop was very rewarding, for it enriched knowledge, broadened horizons, helped improve theoretical thinking and work performance, demonstrated the imperatives of keeping up with the times and lifetime learning, and boosted confidence at work.