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MOST Approves 1st Batch of State Key Labs in Enterprises

Following up the National S&T Conference and the Outline of National Medium and Long-term S&T Development Plan (2006-2020), MOST launched, at the end of 2006 and in an all-round way, the plan to set up national key labs in research institutes and enterprises which are under restructuring. It aims to create an innovation-friendly environment and accelerate the building of an enterprise-led, market-oriented technology innovation system with the synergy of enterprises, universities and research institutes. Recently, MOST approved 36 such labs based on experts’ evaluation, including the Laboratory for Improving Oil Recovery.

MOST will pay close attention to innovative companies and continue to set up state key labs in qualified institutes and enterprises. In this way, the latter will devote more efforts to enhance their R&D investment as well as innovation capability.