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Xiangshan Science Conference: Sustainable Coastal Ecosystem & Global Change

The 305th session of the Xiangshan Science Conference was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province from July 4th to 6th. The meeting was co-chaired by academician TANG Qisheng of Chinese Academy of Engineering, academician SU Jilan of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and research fellow ZHOU Mingjiang of Institute of Oceanology, CAS. SU also presented a keynote report titled “Current Research and Problems of Sustainable Coastal Ecosystem”.


The experts pointed out that the basic research on sustainable oceanic ecosystems is one of the important topics in the 21st century, representing the mainstream development of oceanography. They agreed that special attention should be paid to the following topics so as to deal with the complicated coastal off-shore ecosystems in China: 1) succession and seafood yield of the off-shore ecosystem; 2) health assessment of an off-shore ecosystem; 3) technologies on observation, analysis and prediction of an off-shore ecosystem; 4) fundamental strategy & countermeasures for the sustainable development of China's coastal ecosystems.