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Minister WAN Field Visits Liaoning

On July 8th to 10th, Minister WAN Gang did a field study on S&T development and innovation of enterprises in Liaoning Province---an old industrial base of China.


He visited a number of large manufacturing companies, including Shenyang Machine Tool Group Co., LTD. and Shenyang Liming Aero-Engine Group Corporation.


WAN’s field study focused on the major manufacturing industry in Liaoning. It aimed to get a full understanding of the national resources distribution and the expansion of industrial chains so as to coordinate MOST’s 16 major special projects at the request of the State Council.


He emphasized that the issues of energy-conservation, emissions reduction, recycling economy and environment protection were the main concerns of MOST. Efforts should be made to upgrade China’s core competitiveness, master core technologies and develop the recycling economy in the coming years.