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VM SHANG Meets Israeli DDG of Industry, Trade and Labor

Vice Minister SHANG Yong received an Israeli delegation headed by Deputy Director-General (DDG) Boaz Hirsch of the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor at MOST on July 16, 2007. Ambassador Yehoyada Haim of the Israeli Embassy in China was present.


SHANG extended cordial welcome to the delegation’s visit to MOST before reviewing the bilateral S&T cooperation since the signing of the China-Israel S&T cooperation agreement in 1993. He said, the bilateral S&T cooperation had been focusing on scientific research for a dozen years. A new direction might be identified, such as to promote the cooperation and exchanges between respective hi-tech enterprises, given that Israel boasted rich experience in the areas of enterprises’ technological innovation and S&T achievement transformation. Hi-tech enterprises, and small and medium sized enterprises in particular, had become the main player of Israel’s innovation.


DDG Boaz Hirsch thanked the Vice Minister for his warm greeting and echoed that his Ministry stood willing and ready to bolster the interactions in R&D between enterprises of both countries. Israel would do all it could to facilitate Chinese hi-tech enterprises’ development in Israel and would like to team up with China in EU’s 7th Framework Program, the Galileo Project and other fields of international cooperation.