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Vice Minister CAO Attends Working Meeting of Torch Center

The Working Meeting of Torch Hi-tech Industry Development Center (Torch Center) for the first half of 2007 was held in Beijing on July 23 to 24. Vice Minister CAO Jianlin delivered a speech at the meeting.


CAO highly commended the work of the Torch Center during the period and indicated that the Torch Project was enriched during the past twenty years which made it a flagship for China’s hi-tech industrialization. Representing the trend of times, the Project has served as a bridge between S&T achievements and economic progress and set a solid foundation for development.


As one of the most influential S&T projects of MOST, the Torch Project has greatly promoted SME growth through hi-tech zones, incubators and innovation fund. It has accelerated advancement of scientific ideas and technologies, popularization of scientific living as well as economic development.