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Jiangxi Province Conducts Midterm Review of the Bumper Harvest Project

On 20 June, Jiangxi Department of Science and Technology held a conference to conduct the 2007 midterm review of the bumper harvest project. LIU Guangrong, research fellow of Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences gave a brief account of the overall work in the first half of 2007, including research topic management, progress and prominent problems.


PAN Xiaohua, Vice Dean of Jiangxi Agricultural University presented three proposals at the conference:

1. The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and China Agricultural University should conduct an exchange once the data on early rice harvest comes out so as to avoid repetitive study and do a better job in the key technologies R&D work through mutual stimulation.

2. Each demonstration county must make a technical summary in addition to the work summary this year so as to boost the agricultural technicians of each county and help optimize the research topics.

3. Approaches to technology promotion should be innovated and explored. New modes of popularization should be pioneered in combination with the development of the project and the reality of the rural areas.