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National Spark Program Encourage Innovation and Development of Diversified Rural S&T Service System

The National Spark Program listed building of the rural S&T service system as its primary task to facilitate project demonstration and guidance, and to enhance the construction of service carrier and service resources. 2006 witnessed the production, distribution and telecasting of 52 TV shows of the 30-minute long “Spark Science and Technology”. Up to now, the Program has TV shows on an accumulative total of 1250 county (city) TV stations. The practical technology resources of the video website of the program have reached 2600 and the daily click exceeds 2000 person times. The website has become one of the largest in China with video information concerning agriculture.


Under the leadership of the central government, the construction of Spark Technology 110 Information Sharing Service Platform has been further strengthened. Statistics show that in 2006, 3393 new projects were listed on the agenda to construct S&T service systems in rural areas, 38.43% more than the previous year. An output value of An output value of RMB23.352 billion came out of an investment of RMB 9.155 billion, which was 72.80% more than the previous year.