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MOST Invites CAS Academician GU Yidong for a Special Report

At the invitation of MOST, CAS Academician GU Yidong gave a special report on “Current and Future Application of China’s Manned Spaceflight” for an audience of nearly 200 from the departments and affiliated institutes of MOST on the afternoon of 26 July. Mr GU Yidong, the famous technical expert, is commander in chief of China’s application system program in manned spaceflight, and president of Academy of Opto-Electronics, CAS. Deputy Minister CAO Jinalin presided over and addressed the meeting.

Academician GU Yidong’s report was rich in content and adequately supported, explaining the profound theories in easily understood terms, while at the same time remaining very technical and professional. Deputy Minister CAO Jinalin pointed out that MOST has always attached great importance to the training of cadres and has worked out a series of plans for investigation, study, and training to build up the capacity of cadres of MOST in S&T management.