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Management Training Programme Held for Heads of Research Institutions

On 16 August, the 6th Advanced Training Programme in Modern Management for Heads of Research Institutions was launched in Tsinghua University. The programme was jointly hosted by the Organization Department of CPC Central Committee, MOST and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Present at the ceremony were WANG Guangzheng, Deputy Director-General of HR Bureau of the Organization Department, MEI Yonghong, Director-General of the Department of Policy, Regulations and Reform of MOST, LIU Qiang, Deputy Director of First Bureau for the Administration of Corporate Executives of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, as well as XIE Weihe, Vice President of Tsinghua University.


This training programme will improve the management and leadership of the core staff of S&T management in state-owned enterprises, which is of vital significance for enhancing the innovative capacity of enterprises and building an innovative country.


The 35 trainees were all heads of the R&D centres of key state-owned enterprises and some research institutions that have been turned into enterprises. They were to receive two and a half months of training in management.