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Private High-tech Enterprises Hit 150,595

By 31 December 2006, there had been a total of 150,595 private high-tech enterprises in China, 4.59% more than in 2005. The long-term employees in these enterprises accumulated 13,89 million, a 14.60% increase compared to 2005. Their total volume of assets reached RMB7,566.7 billion yuan, a surplus of 19.88%. And their total income of 2006 was RMB7,626.7 billion yuan, 24.58% more than in 2005, realizing RMB 1,599.5 billion yuan in industrial value added, 23.36% more than in 2005. Their net profit was RMB 404 billion yuan, increasing by 26.57%. The S&T expenditures reached RMB 164 billion yuan, 33.33% more than in 2005.