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Minister WAN Addresses the Clean Diesel Technology Symposium

On October 23, 2007, the Department of Hi-tech Development and Industrialization of the MOST convened the Clean Diesel Technology Symposium. The invited participants included representatives from First Automobile Works (Group) (FAW), Sinopec, Petrochina, Tongji University, China Automotive Technology & Research Center, Volkswagen (China) Investment Corporation, Shell (China) Co., Ltd., Bosch China, etc.

Minister WAN delivered a speech, saying that energy conservation and emission reduction (ECER) technologies, as the symbol of advanced auto technology, have been attracting much attention from the Chinese government, which has incorporated such technologies into the national S&T plan. ECER technologies in China have made great progress, gradually moving forward from R&D to application. Minister Wan also proposed to formulate a road map for ECER in automobiles in order to promote the development of ECER technologies in China.