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“China Demonstration Project for Fuel Cell Bus Commercialization” Phase II Launches in Shanghai

The launching ceremony of “China Demonstration Project for Fuel Cell Bus Commercialization” Phase II, jointly implemented by GEG and UNDP, as well as China Strategic Symposium on Fuel Cell Vehicle Commercialization opened on November 15th in Shanghai. Minister of Science and Technology WAN Gang and the deputy mayor of Shanghai Municipality YANG Dinghua and other leaders attended the ceremony.

 “China Demonstration Project of Fuel Cell Bus Commercialization” is supported jointly by the Chinese government, GEG and UNDP, and organized and implemented by MOST, Beijing Municipal Government and Shanghai Municipal Government. The demonstration will take place in Beijing and Shanghai for the fuel cell bus and hydrogen filling facilities. This project is aimed to reduce the cost of fuel cell buses, to accelerate the technology transfer, promotion and application, to facilitate the diversification of car-use energy, and to mitigate air pollution and greenhouse gas emission. The Phase I project was launched in 2003 in Beijing. Phase II project started in 2007 in Shanghai.