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The Seminar on “Stronger Industry-Academia –Research Institute Synergy, Higher Innovation Capability” Opens Successfully

The Seminar on Stronger Industry-Academia-Research Institute Synergy & Higher Innovation Capability was held from November 16th to 19th, 2007 in Beijing. It was sponsored by Department of Policy, Regulation & Reform of MOST, S&T Department of MOE and Planning and Development Bureau of SASAC, and organized by the International Scientific Exchange Fund of China (ISEFC). About a total of 100 relevant directors from scientific research institutes, universities and colleges, innovative pilot enterprises, S&T intermediary agencies and industry associations attended the symposium.

At the seminar, Department Director Mei Yonghong for Policy, Regulation & Reform of MOST, President Xie Donggang of Xi’an Machinery Institute., Professor He Jinqiu of Tsinghua University, President Liu Chuanzhi of Legend Company, former Chairman Duan Ruichun for SASAC Supervisory body, Sun Xiao of Hei Longjiang Provincial Standing Committee Member made featured speeches entitled “Indigenous Innovation and International Competitiveness”, “Discussion on the Industry-Academia-Research Institute Synergy”, “Discussion on the Mode and Mechanism for the Industry-Academia-Research Institute Synergy in New Situation”, “Industrialization of S&T Research Results for Scientific Research Institutes”, “Innovation by the Industry-Academia-Research Institute Synergy& Intellectual Property” and “Strengthen Cooperation among Industry, Academia, Research Institute, Government, Financiers and Intermediary Institutes & Cooperation with Russia in S&T” respectively.