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Working Experience Exchange Conference for S&T Commissioners Opens

There 45,000 S&T commissioners working on the frontline of agricultural production in more than 1,000 counties of the 31 provinces (cities and districts) in China. On November 14th, MOST,MOP and MOA jointly convened the Working Experience Exchange Conference for S&T Commissioners in Liaocheng, Shandong province. The conference summarized working experience and made arrangements and plans for the next stage.

In recent years, S&T commissioners were involved deeply in the vast rural area, promoted the transfer and commercialization of advanced and applicable technologies, and cultivated a number of modern enterprises to lead the agricultural industrialization, thus boosting the industries with regional characteristics and advantages.

The conference agreed that efforts should be made to carefully study and implement the spirit of the 17th NCCPC, accurately understand the new situation and task of the current technology sector in the rural area, and move ahead with the S&T Commissioner scheme. WAN Gang highlighted S&T Commissioners’ work in four areas for the future.

1. To move ahead with the S&T Commissioner scheme in a comprehensive and practical way, and continually improve the diversified technology service system in the rural area;

2. To implement the S&T Commissioner scheme as the key to improving rural S&T serving system, benefiting the grass-root level;

3. To build a favorable policy environment, and further innovate and improve the operational mechanism and service mode of S&T Commissioners;

4. To verify the service package by S&T Commissioners for better livelihood, and give full play to the role of the technology service system in the drive to build a brand new rural area.