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Beijing Declaration on International Traditional Chinese MedicineCooperation in Science and Technology

Adopted at the International Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference

for Cooperation in Science and Technology

November 29, 2007,Beijing,China

We, the representatives, having met at the International Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference for Cooperation in Science and Technology held in Beijing on November 28-29, 2007, and following a consultation process, have reached a consensus as follows:

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has produced unique symptom based and individualized therapeutic approaches, with deep roots in the ancient Chinese civilization and has been developed over thousands of years. TCM, a rich heritage for all mankind, has contributed to the wellbeing of the Chinese nation and the global progress of medical sciences. It is characterized by individually tailored treatments and therapies, based more on a holistic approach to human health.

2. TCM is an applied biomedical system, based on holistic and systemic views, and builds upon Chinese symptom-based and individualized therapeutic approaches.   TCM stresses the balance between the human body and the occurrence of a disease. TCM highlights combining the diagnosis and treatment with the individual environment and lifestyle of the patient. It also attaches importance to building a health system that emphasizes prevention and the maintenance of wellbeing as well as personalized treatment.

3. TCM is capable of making significant contributions to human health. However, some of the scientific factors influencing TCM are not as yet fully understood, therefore further research and development is urgently needed. Similarly, greater knowledge of production methods, safety and quality control is required. Regulatory issues have to be clarified and reviewed in keeping with the relevant laws and regulations of each country. TCM research needs to develop further thereby improving disease prevention, treatment and human health maintenance.

4. Change of lifestyle and the effect of the human environment are leading to a shift in disease patterns, medical science and treatment. We recognize that the combination of TCM with other medical sciences will provide new models of health care and effectively lower the cost for the individual and the healthcare provider.

5. We believe that the innovation and outreach of TCM requires the support of modern sciences. Life sciences and technological implementation is developing rapidly in the 21st century with subjects like genomics and functional genomics becoming more prominent.  Constantly expanding knowledge, based on bioinformatics, help to enlighten the basic theories of TCM and promote innovation.

6. We consider that it is necessary to promote innovation in TCM, improving its theoretical basis and scientific understanding; in particular to improve efficacy, safety, and quality of TCM through international cooperation so as to speed up its modernization and internationalization.

7. We recognize that the International Traditional Chinese Medicine Program for Cooperation in Science and Technology (hereafter the Program), is based on the common interests to enhance the wellbeing of mankind and should be aimed at enabling TCM to improve human health through international communication, co-operation and collaboration in science and technology.

8. We emphasize the need for substantial cooperation in research and development of TCM carried out by academic institutions, hospitals and commercial enterprises, including the establishment of bilateral or multilateral TCM clinical research centers and joint laboratories.

9. We consider that the formation of the Preparatory Committee of the International Expert Board of the Program established today lays a solid foundation for the future. It will play a pivotal role in developing the Program and in inviting international experts for science and technology cooperation in TCM and putting the Program intopractice.

10. We are confident that the Program will boost successful cooperation and global collaborations in TCM to the benefit of all mankind.

11. We suggest setting up an International Expert Board and a Preparatory Committee of the International Council under the framework of the Program in order to promote international science and technology cooperation in TCM in a more extensive and practical manner.

12. We call on all countries to give greater support to international scientific and technological cooperation in TCM and promote it to play a seminal role in safeguarding human health.