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WU Zhongze, Leader of Discipline Inspection Team Takes Part in the Kick-off Ceremony of “Bringing Culture, S&T and Hygiene to the Rural Areas”

On December 26 of 2007, together with CPC Hebei Provincial Committee and People’s Government of Hebei Province, eight central governmental departments including Central Publicity Department, MOST, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Public Health, State Population and Family Planning Commission and China Association for Science and Technology launched the activity of “bringing culture, science and technology and public health to the rural areas” as well as centralized demo practices for this winter and next spring in Yi County of Baoding City, Hebei Province. Wu Zhongze, member of the MOST Party Leadership Group and leader of the MOST discipline inspection team lead a service team of bringing science and technology to the rural areas to visit the rural poor.

With a glorious revolutionary tradition, Yi County is a key area for poverty alleviation and development work in Hebei Province. MOST sent experts of agricultural science and technology to conduct on-site consultation for farmers and donated a scientific and technological innovative operating room for local youngsters, a county-level information center with 28 PCs, 10,000 S&T books, 500 videos on useful technologies and 48 sets of videos of the TV program Approaching Science.