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New Starting Point for the Development of the Chinese Aloe Industry

In December 2007, the 8th Symposium of the Chinese Aloe Industry and the Annual Meeting of the Special Committee of the 2007 Aloe Industry was held in Kunming.

The meeting stated the conditions of the five industrial standards as promulgated by the NDRC and published latest research results on the domestic and foreign aloe eating safety, the material management of new resource food and the formulation of the standards of the aloe industry.

The latest decade witnessed the process that the aloe industry in China developed with twists and turns from scratches to establishment, from chaos to orderliness, from lack of product regulation to established regulations and rules, and from a weak industry to a strong one. The success achieved today contains the exploration, sweat and blood and unceasing efforts of the people in the industry. It is a hard-earned one. Solid foundation has been laid for the development in the future.