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First Environmental Remote Sensing Conference for Pearl River Delta Held in Hong Kong

The first Environmental Remote Sensing Conference for Pearl Rover Delta was held in Hong Kong from January 10th to 11th. The conference was co-sponsored by Hong Kong Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Guangdong Society of Remote Sensing and Geological Information System, Macao Association for Promotion of Science and Technology, and Hong Kong Training Base of National Remote Sensing Center of China. Academician XU Guanhua, Former Minister of Science and Technology, attended the conference.

Academician LIU Zunyi, President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong delivered welcome speech at the opening ceremony. He called for the attention to the local environment change and monitoring while promoting the rapid economic progress in the Pearl River Delta.

Academician XU Guanhua delivered a report titled Environment Problems in China and Development Strategy on Earth Observation. With the global change and rapid economic development as the background, XU pointed out the seriousness of environmental problems and the priority of environmental monitoring in medium and long-term technical development in China. The report also analyzed the key role of remote sensing technology in environmental monitoring and evaluation, and the significance of international cooperation.