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Vice Minister LIU Yanhua Visited Huishan High-Tech Agricultural Development Zone

Recently, Vice Minister LIU Yanhua visited 3 Spark S&T leading enterprises, namely Shenyang Huishan Dairy Co., Ltd., Shenyang Huamei Livestock & Poultry Co., Ltd. and Wellhope Agri-tech Co., Ltd and was updated on the work in Shenyang Huishan High-Tech Agricultural Development Zone.


Liu commended the work of Huishan Development Zone, but put forward specific requirements: firstly, companies should make efforts to solve the technical bottlenecks and develop its own products and brand for added value; secondly, the local government should set up the technology investment and financing system to better combine the S&T and financial sectors; thirdly, the government should put in place an innovation platform for overall deployment; fourthly, the Nation should attach importance to the study of innovation methodology and the summary of innovation rules so as to speed up S&T development.