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WAN Discusses S&T Finance with ACFIC Chairman




Minister WAN Gang visited Vice Chairman HUANG Mengfu of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce(ACFIC) on March 25th, 2008.

According to Chairman HUANG, the structural problems in the current economic development of China called on authorities to pool efforts, find out solutions, break restrictions in systems and mechanisms, develop new mechanisms for the financing of hi-tech enterprises, and encourage social investment in the building of an innovative country. 

Minister WAN presented a general picture of the S&T development in China. He said MOST would continue to team up with and support the ACFIC and the Jiu San (SEPT. 3RD) Society to explore S&T financing, and hoped that Beijing and Shanghai could seize the opportunity to break fresh ground in this area.