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Symposium on the Three Major Projects Including “Development and Utilization of Special Biological Resources” Held in Guangxi

Recently the China National Center for Biotechnology Development organized and held a symposium on the projects on biological and medical technologies in the “863” Program of the 11th FYP. The Symposium aimed to discuss the implementation of the general goals, measures and methods of the three major projects of the “Technology for   Development and Utilization of Floral Resources in Special Biological Environment”, the “Technology for Development and Utilization of Special Microorganism Resources” and the “Technology for Development and Manufacture of Alternative Products of Special Biological Resources”.
Through the communications at the symposium, the organizations responsible for their respective research subjects made exchanges and discussions on the trends and research priorities on special biological resources development and utilization, and proposed valuable opinions and suggestions on the management work in the implementation of the projects. These interactions laid a good foundation for further improving the procedure on key project management and enhancing the efficiency of scientific and technological management.