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The 2008 Annual High-Tech Development Planning Meeting Held in Fujian

During April 9th-10th, 2008, the Department of High and New Technology Development and Industrialization of the MOST held the 2008 Annual High-Tech Development Planning Meeting in Fuzhou, Fujian.

The Meeting closely centered on the requirements of the 2008 MOST Science and Technology Work Meeting. The 2008 high-tech development and industrialization work was positively discussed and deployed on the principle of earnestly studying and implementing the spirits of the 17th CPC National Congress and comprehensively carrying out the Compendium of the State Plan for the Medium and Long Term Scientific and Technological Development.

At the meeting Vice Minister CAO Jianlin stressed that various local authorities and departments should take the actual work conditions into consideration and further explore the new ideas s and mechanisms to fulfill the work of supporting the sound and rapid economic development with science and technology and of high-tech industrialization.