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VM LI Attends S&T Finance Promotion Meeting in Sichuan

On 6th May, the “2008 Sichuan S&T Finance Promotion Meeting” was held in Chengdu, aiming at accelerating hi-tech industrial development, expanding hi-tech financing channels and promoting the integration of capital to hi-tech industry.

Vice Minister LI Xueyong noted that in the past two years, under the support of local governments and together with People’s Bank of China, MOST had initially established an S&T finance system supporting innovation with nine policy documents and pilot measures constituted.

LI pointed out that the close connection between science and financial sector, the forceful government policies and substantial implementation of the measures in Sichuan set up a good example in advancing the combination of S&T and finance.

The Vice Minister hoped that the science and financial community can work closely to contribute to the national innovation system with Chinese characteristics and the building of innovative country.