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2008 Science and Technology Week Opening on May 17th

The 2008 Science and Technology Week will be held during May 17th – 23rd. The Science and Technology Week of this year will continue to run under the theme of “building an innovative country with joint hands” and include the following eight large demonstration programs: 1. opening ceremony; 2. Olympic S&T Popularization themed as “S&T Enkindling Olympic Flame and Innovation Achieving China’s Dream”; 3. the “Hi-Tech Olympics” 100-story radio series; 4. the “Hi-Tech Olympics” TV programs; 5. the “Hi-Tech Olympics” 15-episode science popularization series; 6. the “Hi-Tech Olympics” achievements exhibition; 7. “Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction and Eco-Housing” science popularization series; and 8. the “Rejuvenating the Old Revolutionary Bases and Serving Three Agricultures” S&T train Guizhou tour.