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VM LIU Attends Report Meeting on North Shaanxi’s Poverty Alleviation through S&T

On May 8th, MOST held a report meeting on north Shaanxi’s poverty alleviation through S&T in Beijing.

After hearing the participants’ remarks, Vice Minister LIU Yanhua pointed out that China is enjoying rapid socio-economic growth and the development in rural areas is also in transition. In the new era, Shaanxi should have clear targets in mind in its poverty alleviation through S&T, work in a down-to-earth fashion and yield fruitful results.  

Ansai in Yan’an municipality and Jiaxian in Yulin municipality are designated by MOST as two key counties under its program of poverty relief through S&T. Over the past 18 years, the work has achieved remarkable progress. The per-capita net income of farmers in Yanan city has grown to RMB 2,845 from RMB 368 in 1990, an 8-fold increase, with 320,000 people being lifted out of poverty. Meanwhile, the annual per-capita net income of farmers in Yulin city has reached over RMB 2,600 and its total agricultural output RMB 8.2 billion, with its system of leading industries taken initial shape.