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Minister Wan Gang Meets with Newly Appointed South Korean Ambassador to China



On 24 June 2008, Minister WAN Gang met with Mr. Shin Jung-Seung, the newly appointed South Korean ambassador to China,and had a cordial and friendly talk at MOST. 

Minister Wan said that it is hoped that MOST of PRC and South Korea's Ministry of Education, Science & Technology and Ministry of Knowledge Economy would enhance cooperation and exchanges in the fields of new energy, environmental protection, biological medicine, etc., so as to promote mutual development. Minister Wan briefly introduced the functions and duties of MOST. 

Ambassador Shin Jung-Seung expressed his gratitude to Minister Wan for his reception and introduction. He said that President Lee Myung-bak visited National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing during his visit to China in May this year and was deeply impressed by Chinese government's attaching importance to sci-tech development and talent cultivation. Mr. Ambassador mentioned that Korean government would regard sci-tech cooperation as a main part of the cooperative relationship between China and South Korea and he would push forward the cooperation and exchanges in science and technology between the two countries.