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Promotional Wall Maps of "Architectural Knowledge on the Reestablishing of Livelihood" Designed, Printed and Distributed to Earthquake-hit areas

Recently, a team of earthquake disaster mitigation experts under CNCDR (China National Center for Disaster Reduction) and MOST has specially designed wall maps of popular science, "Architectural Knowledge on the Reestablishing of Livelihood”, aiming to meet the needs of the popularization of S&T knowledge on quake-proof buildings during the reconstruction of damaged buildings in the quake-hit rural areas.

The easily understandable wall maps present essential points that need special attention during the reconstruction. Specific earthquake counter measures are put forward in accordance with the habits of local residents, material conditions and common house styles, and several construction forms not suitable for houses in earthquake region are enumerated.  Fifty thousand copies of the wall maps have been printed and distributed to the disaster-hit areas.