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Expert Committee Releases Earthquake and Damage Evaluation

At the press conference held by the State Council Information Office on September 4th of 2008, damage evaluation of the Wenchuan earthquake was introduced by the Expert Committee.

Under the support of the China Earthquake Administration, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Land and Resources, and the National Disaster Reduction Committee , the Expert Committee finished compiling reports and picture information in early June, providing technological support to National Headquarter for Earthquake Resistance and Disaster Relief. Materials include Seismic Intensity Diagram for Magnitude-8 Wenchuan Earthquake, Earthquake-Geological Disaster Atlas of Wenchuan Quake Areas, Atlas and Report on Geological Disaster in Main Disaster-hit Areas, Wenchuan Earthquake Relief Technique Handbook, Report on Comprehensive Disaster Analysis and Evaluation on Wenchuan Earthquake and Report on Integrated Management and Policy Guarantee for Wenchuan Quake Areas.