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China and UK Reap the Harvest of S&T Evaluation

Recommended by the Department of International Cooperation of MOST, the National Center for Science & Technology Evaluation (NCSTE) teamed up with its British counterparts in a joint research on S&T evaluation. The project is financed by the Strategic Programme Fund (SPF) of British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).


The experts have submitted three research reports, i.e. “Final Report on the Study Visit to the UK”, “R&D Evaluation in P.R.China” and “Government-funded R&D Evaluation in China”. In December of 2008, Chinese representatives delivered a keynote speech at the 32nd Conference of “Working Group on Technology and Innovation Policy (TIP)” of Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry of OECD. The academic achievements were highly appraised by the chair and participants of the conference.