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30th Anniversary of China-UK S&T Cooperation Marked in Beijing


The Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between China and the UK was signed in 1978. To celebrate the signing of the Agreement, MOST and the British Embassy in China jointly held a forum---“Innovation Beyond Borders” in Beijing on March 30th.

Vice Minister LI Xueyong of Science and Technology addressed the occasion. According to him, innovation has become the priority of bilateral collaboration with the implementation of Innovation China UK (ICUK), Science Bridge Project, new and renewable energy projects in recent years.

Prof. John Beddington, the Chief Scientific Adviser of the British government led the British delegation to participate in the celebration. In his remarks, he emphasizes the increasingly important role of cooperation for the international community, which is confronted with many tough issues, e.g. financial crisis, climate change, water resources supply, food safety and infectious diseases. Therefore, cooperation in innovation is very important for the two countries.

Nearly 200 representatives from both governments, research institutes, universities and enterprises attended the forum and exchanged ideas on cooperation in agriculture, water resources, climate change, space technology, infectious diseases, and innovation policy.