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“Dissemination Workshop on Research Evaluation” Held in Beijing

On April 2 of 2009, the National Center for Science and Technology Evaluation of MOST and the British Embassy in China held a workshop to conclude and disseminate the project on research evaluation in Beijing.

The workshop indicates that the China-UK joint project, which was initiated in April 2008, is rounded off. A series of research reports have been submitted to MOST and British Foreign & Commonwealth Office as the fruit of the research project. They include R&D Evaluation in P.R. China, The Research on China-Britain S&T Evaluation - Evaluation Experience from Chinese and British S&T Management Departments, The Report of Academic Exchange on S&T Evaluation Held in Britain, Government-funded R&D Evaluation in China with Special Reference to the Evaluation of National R&D Programs. In these reports, suggestions and advice are provided concerning how to strengthen and improve S&T evaluation at Chinese S&T management departments, which are highly appraised by the management departments of the two  sides.