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10th Anniversary & Commendatory Meeting of Clean Vehicle Campaign Held in Chongqing

On May 13th of 2009, a meeting was held in Chongqing at the 10th Anniversary of Clean Vehicle Campaign, in recognition of individuals who have made outstanding contribution to the promotion and application of gas vehicles. More than 200 representatives from domestic producers of gas vehicles, spare parts and refilling equipment attended the event.

In April of 1999, MOST and 13 other departments including former State Environmental Protection Administration initiated the “Clean Vehicle Campaign”, and established the National Clean Vehicle Action Coordination and Leading Group Office, aiming to promote key technological research, demonstration and application of gas vehicle-dominated alternative fuel vehicles. After a decade of development, Chinese gas vehicle have steadily improved in terms of technological indicators and performance, and have been applied in almost 100 cities in China. This has formed a large-scale market, and has driven the development of related industries.