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China Invests More to Commercialize Agricultural S&T Findings

In commercializing agricultural S&T findings in 2009, we will give priority to responding to global financial crisis, promoting rural-related industrial rejuvenation and sustainable development, accelerating the conversion of advanced rural applicable technologies and supporting technological achievements which can drive domestic demand and form new economic growth points, driving S&T professionals to start S&T businesses at the grass-roots, and fostering and boosting a batch of advantageous enterprises and industrial clusters.

2009 technological conversion fund will be mainly used in the following fields: technological achievements commercialization in modern seeding industry, food processing, animal feed, bio-pesticides, agricultural machinery and equipment, use of bio-mass and bio-energy, forest product processing, rural environmental protection, rural logistics and other key rural-related fields, as well as fauna and flora protection, disaster prevention and mitigation, and other fields closely connected with people’s livelihood, in order to accelerate the transfer of S&T to agriculture and rural areas.