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VM DU Visits CBTC Pilot Test Site

Vice Minister DU Zhanyuan visited the pilot test site of communication-based train control system (CBTC) in Dalian on June 17 of 2009 in the company of CHEN Zhimin, Deputy Director General of the High Technology Research and Development Center and MA Yanmin, Deputy Director General of the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center. On his visit, DU listened to an introduction given by NING Bin, Project Principle Investigator and President of Beijing Jiaotong University.


DU and his team took a ride on a CBTC line in its pilot test run at 9:30pm to experience how CBTC allows trains to operate at much closer headways with a high level of safety and efficiency. DU also visited the CBTC control center at the Quanshui Station and listened to an update on equipment deployment and key technology R&D given by Prof. TANG Tao, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control and Safety.