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2009 Symposium on MOST-ESA Dragon Program Phase II Held in Barcelona

The 2009 Symposium on the MOST-ESA Dragon Program Phase II, co-sponsored by MOST and the European Space Agency (ESA), was held from June 22 to June 26 in Barcelona, Spain. ZHANG Guocheng, Director-General of National Remote Sensing Centre of China, and Peter Hulsroj, Director of Legal Affairs and External Relations of ESA, attended the event. They addressed the opening ceremony on behalf of MOST and ESA respectively. Related leaders of MOST and ESA, and 163 scientists from the two sides also participated.

During the five-day event, scientists from both China and Europe gave more than 50 reports, presented 58 papers, and comprehensively summarized the latest progress achieved in the joint research of projects of the Dragon Program Phase II.