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2009 Review Meeting on Innovative Projects Held

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) convened the 2009 Review Meeting on Innovative Projects in Beijing from July 6 to July 7.

WU Xueti from the Department of Facilities and Financial Support briefed the participating experts on the background of the innovative projects, the progress, submission of project proposals for 2009, and the agenda of the meeting. He pointed out that work related to this field is well under way, and expressed his hope that present experts can review projects for 2009 in a responsible manner and make suggestions for innovative approaches.

So far, 54 project proposals have been submitted by various institutions, e.g. Zhejiang University, covering a range of fields, such as scientific thinking, scientific methods, scientific tools, groundwork, and so on. The review committee consists of 33 well-known experts from the field of finance and other relevant fields.