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Home-made RFID Technology and Products Debut in the Future Stores of World Expo

Revolving around the theme of 2010 Shanghai World Expo-- “better city, better life”, the future stores of the Expo equipped with RFID technologies have started business since June 25, 2009. Those stores will cover the business of package purchase center and distribution center of franchised products, souvenirs, and collections of World Expo. The RFID technology, which will present lifelike images, will be widely used in the whole process of the product showcase, description, marketing, logistics and distribution.

This technology is developed by Shanghai Jiaotong University, with the support of National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program). It bears considerable significance in improving the competitive edge of traditional retail business and fueling innovations in operation mode through deployment of RFID and other state-of-the-art technologies. The research group, aiming to further apply the technology to the whole supply chain including storage and transportation, and enlarge the scale of application of RFID, will adopt more research findings under 863 Program, e.g. tags and read/write devices, in the future stores of World Expo.