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Reports on GEM Held by MOST

The Department of Facilities and Financial Support of MOST invited the Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Chen Hongqiao to deliver reports on Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) and indigenous innovation on August 4, 2009.

The reports covered a wide range of topics, including priorities and ideas concerning IPO in GEM, survey of enterprises that can be listed in GEM, comparison between domestic and foreign VC in terms of investment focus, and what kind of GEM to be built. He also said attention should be paid to six types of innovative enterprises, and efforts should be made to enable more enterprises to be listed in GEM.

Over 60 participants from the Department of Policy, Regulations and Reform and the Department of Development Planning of MOST, Beijing S&T Commission, the Administrative Commission of Zhongguancun S&T Park and other departments and institutions attended the event.