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Lecture Tour of S&T Commissioners Kicks off

The lecture tour of S&T commissioners, organized by the Administrative Office, the Department of Rural Science and Technology, and China Rural Technology Development Center of MOST, went on in Hebei Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from August 3 to 8.

The lecture delegation consist of 5 S&T representatives and S&T consultants from Ningxia Autonomous Region and provinces of Liaoning, Hebei, Gansu, etc. S&T representatives shared their experiences in building an interest of community with farmers, and increasing farmers’ income and bringing them prosperity through the development of a hi-tech industrial chain. S&T consultants, on the other hand, introduced the successful experiences and achievements in organization and leadership, policy environment, team building, operation mechanism, financing channels, information integration, and the like.

The lecture tour, attended by over 500 representatives from local S&T administrative departments, was well received.