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1st National S&T Financial Services Platform Initiated in Chengdu

The opening ceremony of the Chengdu S&T financial services platform, organized by Chengdu Municipal S&T Bureau, was held on August 7. Leaders from MOST, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Sichuan Provincial S&T Bureau, and over 200 representatives from a multitude of enterprises, institutions and other local S&T bureaus were present at the event.

The platform in Chengdu is China’s first one to integrate S&T, banking, securities, insurance, mortgages, and venture investment—all-inclusive and multifunctional. During the opening ceremony, a package of agreements were signed between Chengdu Productivity Promotion Center, the authorized administrative agency of the platform, and relevant institutions, enterprises, and some local S&T bureaus. The agreements covered six aspects: platform strategic cooperation, platform workstations, the pledge and financing of intellectual property rights (IPR), accounts receivable financing, mutual credit guarantee, and subsidy to IPR pledge by Shuangliu County.