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UFW and AFIC Party Chief QUAN Zhezhu Visits Bijie Pilot Area

On August 25, QUAN Zhezhu, Vice Minister of the United Front Work of CPC Central Committee (UFW) and Party Secretary of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (AFIC) attended the signing ceremony organized by UFW to attract well-known entrepreneurs to invest in Bijie of Guizhou Province.

A total of 96 cooperation programs were signed, with an estimated 36 billion RMB investment capital. The programs cover coal mining, energy, coal chemical industry, real estate, tourism, herbal medicine, etc. QUAN Zhezhu made concluding remarks at the event. He fully recognized the contribution of the central committees of democratic parties, AFIC, and the various departments and commissions of the State Council, to the development of Bijie pilot area and the achievements.