Yahya Mustafa


"Chinese media need to be more professional, more open and transparent."

Stephan Mohler


"Chinese music has that eerie out-of-tune yet fully in-tune quality."

Andreas DuBois


"I would like to be part of the change in renewable energy and to contribute my full potential in China."

A "lobbyist" for Beijing and a "bridge" between the Chinese administration and foreign businesses for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

William Lindesay


The first to run the length of the Great Wall and a author with Alone On the Wall

"(The family atmosphere) has nothing to do with the language."

Mark Bartlam


The research team he led made significant progress in identifying proteins in flu viruses that can help in the development of new drugs to replace those that have become less effective in combating drug-resistant viruses

The decades of experience as the go-between in facilitating communication between international business communities and national and local Chinese governments show that being neutral is very important.

What we do

SAFEA is responsible for certifying foreign experts to work in the Chinese mainland and organizing overseas training for Chinese technical and managerial professionals.

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