Ravi Shankar


Executive editor of China Daily’s overseas editions

"I've been in Tibet for 15 years, and it's wonderful to be acknowledged."

Samantha Jenkins


"We have so much creative freedom here. It's China science dream."

Noel Clarence White


"I used to work more on the industrial side, but coming to China under the 1,000 Talent Plan let me research and get involved with more academic work."

As journalists, we are the ones asking the questions, seeking the answers, looking for that exclusive photo or interview.

Ravi Shankar, executive editor for China Daily’s European, North American and African editions talks about his 11-year media experiences in China.

"For athletes of the same talent, it's the desire and mentality that makes a difference."

Stephan Mohler has unusually large hands.

Eye witness


When Sudanese journalist Yahya Mustafa first arrived in Beijing, he was unfamiliar with the huge city and uncertain about his future.

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