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MOST to Adjust “Catalogue of Chinese High-tech Export Products” Jointly with Related Departments

In order to implement Document No. 92 “Several Opinions on Further Implementing the Strategy of Revitalizing Trade through Science and Technology (S&T)” issued by the Executive Office of the State Council and proposals made at the National Working Conference on Revitalizing Trade through S&T this year, the “Catalogue of Chinese High-tech Export Products” will be amended according to the requirements of Joint Conference of Revitalizing Trade through S&T. In order to give a better play to the catalogue, amendments will be made according to the development orientation of high-tech export products on the basis of the 2003 version. Only enterprises that have met the following five requirements can apply for inclusion in the “Catalogue of Chinese High-tech Export Products”. 

1.The products must fall into the high-tech scope confirmed by the “Catalogue of Chinese High-tech Export Products” (including electronics and information, software, aeronautics and astronautics, optical, mechanical and electronic integration and medial devices, biological medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, new material, environmental protection and new energy); 

2.Custom declaration or a customs pre-classification decision must be attached with application; 

3. Priority will be given to environmentally-friendly products which use high and advanced production technology, obtain national invention patents and consume fewer resources; 

4. Products need to have international competitiveness, big export potential, good economic, social and environmental benefits; 

5. Products should not belong to the restricted and prohibited exportation scope of the state.  

The application can be made online or in writing. At the time of the online application, enterprises should also submit an application to the local Department (Bureau or Commission) of S&T, which will make a preliminary examination of the application and then submit the qualified applicants to the Torch High-tech Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). MOST will then organize experts to review the submitted materials and compose the new “Catalogue of Chinese High-tech Export Products”. The deadline for application is December 15, 2004. Please refer to “Notice and Bulletin” on MOST website for details. (www.most.gov.cn)