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Proclamation No.17 by Office for National Science and Technology Awards

In accordance with “Regulations on the State Science and Technology Awards”and “Implementation Rules of Regulations on the State Science and Technology Awards”, 135 projects presented the National Awards for Natural Science, 105 with National Awards for Technical Invention, 622 with National Awards for Science and Technology Progress will go public on the website of national science and technology awards. The topic and the content of the awarded projects will be available online to solicit public opinions, showcase the principle of openness, fairness and justice, and strengthen public supervision of the awarded projects.

Sixty days as of the promulgation of the Proclamation, any unit or individual could report to theOffice for National Science and Technology Awards (NOSTA) with real identity to utter objection to the authenticity of the project and content. The identity of the prosecutor will be kept confidential, according to related regulations of the NOSTA. To seek truth from fact and fairly deal with oppositional ideas, the NOSTA will carry out verification and investigation of the prosecutor; therefore the anonymous letter will be unattended.
Address: 54 Sanlihe Road, Xicheng District, Beijing100045
Website: http://www.nosta.gov.cn