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Notice on Holding 2005 National S&T Week

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee
China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)

March 21, 2005

Delivered to S&T departments (commissionsand bureaus), propaganda departments of CPC Committees and associations for S&T of provincial governments, autonomous regional governments and municipal governments, cities specially designated in the state plan and sub-provincial cities, and S&T Bureau, propaganda department of CPC Committee and S&T Association of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and member units of the Joint Conference for Popular Science:

The National S&T Week has been successfully held for 4 times since 2001 and has become a mass S&T activity of great social influences. Leaders of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to this event. The 2005 National S&T Week will be held from May 14th to 20thwith the same theme of “Building a well-off society with people as priority for S&T” as last year. A series of mass S&T activities will be held throughout the country. In order to make full preparation, relevant issues areto be noticed as follows:

I.  To focus on the theme and give prominence to key issues

The 2005 National S&T Week will continue to center around the theme of “Building a well-off society with people as priority for S&T” and, with implementation of scientific development perspective and establishment of a harmonious society as the mainline, will further fulfill science popularization for the fundamental interests of the people. The activities will be innovative in content and form with greater public participation and concentration of all forces. A series of activities will be carried out in ways close to reality, familiar to the people and rich in content and variety. Prominence will be give to the following 4 issues:

Firstly, we will give vigorous publicity to the great significance of building a harmonious socialist society, showcase the important position and the role of S&T development in building a harmonious society and carry out a wide range of popular science activities related to resource saving, environment protection, coordinated development between man and nature, and the establishment of healthy and civilized production and life styles. We should combine the various popular science activities with the implementation of the guidelines and policies of the central authorities, with the actual work of the local governments and departments, and with the actual demand and concern of the public.

Secondly, the activity of getting bumper harvest and enriching the farmers through S&T will be regarded as an important approach to solving the problems concerning theagriculture, countryside, and farmers. Scientific and technical personnel from research institutes, universities and colleges and the grass roots are encouraged to go to the countryside and the front line of agricultural production, in the forms of sending science and technology knowledge to the countryside, popular science train, popular science van, popular science volunteers and scientific and technical special commissioners, to integrate relevant projects, funds and talents, carry out S&T training, popular science promotion and S&T consultation for the farmers and actively explore new mechanisms of serving “theagriculture, countryside, and farmers” through science popularization so as to do some practical things for the vast number of farmers in a down-to-earth manner.

Thirdly, in line with the requirements of the central authorities regarding propaganda and education about the situation and policies and with the leading cadres of the CPCand government at all levels as the key points, we will give vigorous publicity to the new situation and new task of the development of the S&T undertaking in the light of the formulation of “Medium and Long-term Development Plan for China’s S&T” and the formulation of local S&T development plans and guide the cadres and masses to full awareness of the historical mission of S&T undertaking in realizing the grand objective of building a well-off society in an all-round way. We will enhance the awareness of the importance and urgency of "taking the improvement of independent innovation ability as the key link in economic restructuring" through special topic lecture or seminar.

Fourthly, taking science popularization as important content for the ideological and moral development of the minors and the ideological and political education of the university students, we will organize and carry out various forms of popular science activities to enrich campus cultural life and improve the scientific qualifications of the adolescents. We should give full play to all kinds of adolescent S&T education bases and popular science education bases at all levels, further our efforts in opening the public welfare popular science cultural facilities to the minors free of charge and combine the popular science activities closely with the ideological and moral development.

II. To give overall consideration and organize elaborately

Every locality and department should further their support for the S&T Week and introduce some high-quality activities that cater to the demand of the public so as to expand the coverage and influence of the S&T Week. The S&T associations, labor unions, youth leagues and women's federations at all levels should assume and play more important roles in the S&T Week. The news media should further enhance their efforts in publicity and reporting.

On the occasion of the preparations for the S&T Week, every locality and department is carrying out the education on maintaining the advancedness of communists. Thus, we should all along give overall consideration, increase efficiency, deal with concrete matters and carry out the S&T Week work in real earnest. In this way we could,both in word and in deed, promote the S&T Week through the advancedness education and in turn verify the effect of the education through the S&T Week.

Great attentionmust be paid to security during the S&T Week. This year marks the 5th anniversary of the S&T Week and many localities and departments are expanding the activity scale. Therefore it is very important to ensure security during the event. Leaders at all levels should conscientiously assume their responsibility for security, never slacken vigilance or trustto luck and earnestly work out security plans and emergency plans for the S&T Week. For some major large-scale activities and public gathering places, the security should be elevated; strict, detailed and concrete security measures should be drawn up and the security work should by all means be implemented with the definite task and clear responsibility.

III. Other Notes

All localities and departments should send their prepared programs and major events of 2005 National S&T Week to the Liaison Office of the Organizing Committee before April 22, 2005.

The local governments and departments should summarize this activity when the 2005 National S&T Week is ended. With local propaganda departments of CPC Committee and S&T associations, the Local S&T departments (S&T committees or bureaus) should,work out a summary and send it, with other audio and video materials to the Liaison Office of S&T Week Organizing Committee before June 17, 2005.
In order to strengthen coordination and communication for the 2005 National S&T Week, the local governments and departments should timely report the progress of preparation to the Liaison Office that willedit and issue the Newsletters of the National S&T Week on irregular basis.

Liaisons Office of National S&T Week Organizing Committee:
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Mr. Sun Deli and Mr. Zeng Jianli
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