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Notice on Collection of Sino-Hungarian S&T Cooperation Projects

Department of International Cooperation (DIC), MOST

June 8, 2005

Delivered to all organizations concerned,

In accordance with the Agreement on S&T Cooperation between the Governments of China and Hungary, the 3rd regular meeting of the Sino-Hungarian S&T Cooperation Committee is planned to convene in 2006. At this meeting, MOST and the Hungarian counterpart will determine a new list of bilateral S&T cooperation projects from 2007 to 2008.

Each project undertaker is required to make a summary of the Sino-Hungarian S&T cooperation project(s) it has implemented and report to DIC in written form. The project proposal forms for the applicant projects of this regular meeting must be completed in duplicate for expert evaluation. The forms should give a clear indication of the number of people and days in outbound visits and inbound visits as required for implementation of the projects. The applicants on the Chinese side shall send the application forms to DIC via their authorities (the Department of International Cooperation of each ministry and commission, the Department of Science and Technology of each province, municipality and autonomous region, as well as the Bureaus of International Cooperation of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences). The project undertaker of the Chinese side must apply to its authorities at the same time with its foreign partner. The deadline of new project collection is December 31, 2005. Please refer to the website of MOST for relevant information: http://www.most.gov.cn.

Contact person: XU Chaoqian,

Division of Europe and Asia,

Department of International Cooperation of MOST

Tel: 010-58881372

Fax: 010-58881374

Email: xucq@mail.most.gov.cn